User Guide

1. Before haircut: Apply oil to lubricate the head to improve its efficiency.

2. During hair-cutting : Use guide combs to meet haircuts of different lengths. The adjustment rod can also adjust haircut length.

3. After haircut: Clean the head with a small brush (do not rinse directly with water). Lubricate the cutter head with oil for proper storage.

4. Charging: Please be sure to select the 5V--1A conventional adapter to connect USB cable for charging. Otherwise, the battery may be damaged due to high voltage.


Common Problem

Problem: Loud noise

Answer: The normal operation sound of the hair clipper does not exceed 55 decibels. If found abnormal sound, please check if the cutter head is lubricated with oil; if there is any foreign object stuck between the moving knife and the fixed knife, you can adjust the moving knife up and down to clean it. 


Problem: Can't charge

Answer: Each of our products must be fully charged before shipped to ensure quality. If you cannot charge, it may be crashed and broke the electromagnetic connection during transportation,  or if charging voltage of the adapter is higher than 5.5V, which may burn the hair clipper.


Problem: The guide comb is broken

Answer: The product can only be shipped after 100% inspection, and it may be damaged during transportation.


If the above answers cannot solve the product problem, please contact us at support@limural.com, we will provide you with a free replacement service for one year.